About that 50p I spent…

Spaceballs: The BookSpaceballs: The Book by Jovial Bob Stine

We’ve all seen Spaceballs and thought it was hilarious, right? A novelisation should be a laugh too, right?


Someone needs to tell ‘Jovial Bob Stine’ that jokes aren’t as funny if you add exclamation points and explain why its funny. Seriously, turn to any page in the book and see if you can’t find at least three exclams – some paragraphs contained twice as many!

On top of that almost all the best lines from the movie are missing, the author added some hilarious(!) jokes of his own and all sexual references, and bad language have been removed. How many Assholes we got on this ship? None because in this pathetic re-write they’re now ‘Idiots’.

My review (in the style of Jovial Bob);


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