Ariel – Sylvia Plath

ArielAriel by Sylvia Plath
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am eternally grateful to my English ‘A’ Level teacher, Mrs. Mills, for giving me this incredible collection of poems to study.

I’d never heard of Plath (or Hughes) and was taken aback by the imagery, the rhythm and the barely-tethered (and sometimes loosed) rage in her poems.

The writing is just absolutely beautiful, every word seems to have been chosen, examined for impact before being lovingly placed in the poem.

Contrary to a lot of reviews I read the poems imagery and metaphor are often very easy to decipher, what I really love is the times you scratch away the surface to reveal the multiple connotations below which happens from the very start in ‘Morning Song’

Another untruth about this book is that its just a bunch of suicidal poems by a depressed woman. In fact the poems shine with determination to win her battle against depression with the poet often emerging victorious at the conclusion. Plath doesn’t seem to have given up her struggle, even after Hughes turns out to be an adulterer and it makes it all the more tragic as you read them knowing that she did in fact lose her battle in the end.

Personal Favourites:

Morning Song
Sheep In Fog
The Applicant
Lady Lazarus
The Bee Meeting, The Arrival Of The Bee Box, Stings, Wintering

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