The Schwarzschild RadiusThe Schwarzschild Radius by Gustavo Florentin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free ebook of this title from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Fantastic page turner! Not for the faint hearted as some of the material is truly depraved, the author is fearless in using themes of prostitution, rape, torture and paedophilia and I guarantee that you will find this book disturbing. Rachel is a good heroine, intelligent and resourceful with a humongous amount of bravery as she enters the dark world of man’s deepest depravity in search of her sister. As her search leads her from behind the relative safety of the plexiglass booth to performing at paedophiles private homes you see that she is in danger of being drawn in so far that she won’t be able to escape. The book is well paced, never seeming rushed until perhaps the conclusion which is sudden. The side plot was also excellent and did actually make me feel nervous as to whether there would be a good outcome. McKenna also did a decent investigative job but felt slightly underused.
My main problem with the story was in the obviousness of Father Massey being a paedophile and abusing his position to sleep with underage runaway girls. To be honest, at first I felt that the author was hitting a soft target – not to mention a massive cliché! However, looking back at the story I must admit that he’s made an effort to portray Fr Massey as a deeply flawed man who recognises his faults (however arrogant he may be about it) rather than a two dimensional evil priest.


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