Chimera (Weaver #1)Chimera by Vaun Murphrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free ebook of this title from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I need to say a special thank you to Vaun Murphrey as she responded almost immediately when I expressed my wish to read this but I was outside of the target territory. She replied straight away to say that the setting was now changed and I could download.      

I have to say that I’m very grateful because Ms. Murphrey has written a great book!

Cassandra is no ordinary 13 year old girl. She has been held in captivity since her parents were murdered by her captors when she was five. Held in near silent isolation she is nonetheless intelligent, able to read although she doesn’t remember being taught how.

She is rescued from her prison by her uncle, but this is no ordinary rescue – he teleports her using powers that their family members possess. Cassandra and her uncle are Weavers, a part of humankind on the next evolutionary step that are able to communicate mentally via “the Web” (not the Internet). On arrival at the compound they live in Cassandra meets her aunt and uncle who stress to her that she needs to be trained as a Weaver, untrained Weavers become mad if they are not located in time.

As Cassandra begins to explore her powers she finds that she is extraordinary even by Weaver standards. The reason for her ability to read without knowing how is that Cassandra is a Chimera. Whilst in her mother’s womb Cassandra absorbed her twin sister but rather than the twin disappearing she stayed in Cassandras head as Silver. Unbeknown to Cassandra, Silver has wiped Cassandras memories of her life before her kidnap to protect her but she slowly restores them as she and Cassandra explore their unique powers.

As I said earlier, I really enjoyed this book – sometimes I’m not sure how wise it is to start a Young Adult book as they tend to dwell overlong on romantic interest rather than plot. No such problems with this book however as the two(?) main characters are interesting in their differing personalities – I have to admit that I wondered whether Silver would turn out to be an evil character like with The Host and a Point Horror I read years ago featuring a body swap with a ghost. I’m glad to say that Silver doesn’t go down this clichéd route and combines with Cassandra to form a formidable team.

It’s not a criticism as such but the only slight niggle was the authors massive attention to detail. For example we are painfully aware of each time a character removes or dons their boots and jacket – I half expected to read each stage of the knot tying their laces!
This is only a minor point however and I hope that the series continues in the same standard.

I’m going to jump straight into book two and find out!


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