Nirvana by JR Stewart Revised Version Review

I received a free kindle edition of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The publisher then sent me a free copy of the new version after receiving feedback from myself and other reviewers.

An improvement on the original version.

Surprisingly removing most of the doubt about Andrew being alive or not actually improved the story as did getting rid of the flimsy love story between Kenders and Serge. The pace is a little swifter too but frustratingly I still couldn’t really enjoy this book.

Kenders is still annoying the hell out of me – she’s whiny (admittedly much, much less than before) and overly impressed with herself and her former career and activism – on one occasion bragging about her oh-so-cunning way of smuggling things that absolutely no one would ever think to check even though it’s the most obvious thing since the answer to the question “What colour is an orange?”

I very nearly DNF’d, if it had been a real book rather than my Kindle app I’d certainly have launched it across the room!

The ending at least leaves things in an interesting place to continue but my honest opinion is that the author should do so with a different principle character. They’ve already killed two of the more interesting ones prematurely though…



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