Nirvana by JR Stewart Update!

Hi Rich,

Thank you for your honest and constructive feedback on Nirvana by J.R. Stewart. Your review has been forwarded to the publisher and because they value the opinion of book advocates such as yourself, they recently contracted a high profile editor to work on the manuscript with the author to implement several improvements to this advance reader’s copy prior to publication.

As the publisher’s promotional partner, they have asked us to reach out to a small group of professional reviewers to read the updated version. Given you provided constructive feedback in the book’s former form but were supportive of the book’s concept, would you be willing to review the revised version if we sent you a custom widget? 🙂

Kind Regards,


Adam Mawer
Brand & Account Coordinator
DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency

First time I’ve been contacted in this way so of course I had to say yes although I felt some trepidation.

Re: Thank You for Your Review, Rich!

Surprised to hear from you as my review was a lot briefer than usual!  Yes, I’d be happy to review a revised version of the book as I do like the concept but felt utterly let down by the main character.



Hi Rich,

That’s completely understandable. The characterization of the protagonist was the #1 issue reviewers had with the first book. In the revised book, she has been completely re-worked and, so far, feedback has been very positive.

To download the revised book, please click the link below.

Happy reading! 🙂


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