Fireseed One by Catherine Stine


Set in a future world after the icecaps have melted and much of the landscape is barren and uninhabitable desert, Fireseed One follows an ocean farmer’s desperate quest to save the world’s food supplies by searching for a near mythical superplant.

In support is his female ‘arch-enemy’ who quickly and predictably becomes his love interest.

Setting this weakness aside the story is quite good if not outstanding. I found it quite difficult to engage with at first as the author has imagined a world different to what we know and includes some phraseology to suit it which for some unknown reason I found jarring. (I never had this problem with Pern!) The newscasts sponsored by businesses with terrible slogans also grated on me terribly.

The main problem I had though is that I just never engaged with the principle characters – I literally didn’t care if they kissed/lived/died at all – they were just a couple of privileged teens (?) who spent most of the time being angsty about their fathers.



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