Book Review: Black Blood by John Hennessy

In a post WW3 future the human survivors live in an underground Sanctuary under the care of aliens who are trying to save the planet and undo the nuclear destruction. The only price the aliens ask is that humans labour to build the machinery necessary and that they take Emotin, a drug that completely prevents emotions. 

Aberdeen Dareday is different to the people around her, having to pretend that the medication is working on her too but when she wakes to find herself transformed with black veins her time is up and she must run to survive.

Upon escaping the Sanctuary and emerging into a world showing little sign of the nuclear destruction she expects to find she realises that the aliens haven’t been truthful..

Black Blood is a combination of Dystopia, Sci-fi, Fantasy and supernatural. The plot is pretty different with Abby discovering more about herself and her powers as the story progresses and there’s plenty of action too. One aspect I liked is that her magic wasn’t enough to survive with, she needed to learn how to use weapons and hand-to-hand combat too. I found that more believable, particularly as she lacked control over her magic.

The side characters were interesting too although Ash tended to run a bit too unemotional and thus came close to being boring. The animal companions are a good addition though – I want those dogs!

I really enjoyed this book and disagree with the reviewers who say the end is rushed however I have to say that Abby’s preoccupation with penises whenever they’re visible was a bit OTT – the first instance where she immediately starts thinking about how it would look engorged seemed particularly uncharacteristic.

These instances as well as one of a male being sexually violated mean this book is definitely for the older section of YA rather than younger ones.

** I received a free Kindle edition of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **


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