Confession Time

Today I have to take back a library book that I haven’t even started.


Book Review: Select by Marit Weisenberg

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Release Date: October 3rd 2017

Coming from a race of highly-evolved humans, Julia Jaynes has the perfect life. The perfect family. The perfect destiny. But there’s something rotten beneath the surface—dangerous secrets her father is keeping; abilities she was never meant to have; and an elite society of people determined to keep their talents hidden and who care nothing for the rest of humanity.

I couldn’t help but feel disappointed while reading this book, it just wasn’t the story I wanted based on the synopsis. 

Rather than telling the story I expected about a rebellious girl discovering her powers and fighting the establishment or uncovering their darker side we have a tale about her listening to a boys thoughts and feeling guilty about it now and then, an on-off relationship with the same boy and her feeling jealous of her sister and sorry for herself. 

If you’re more into romance than action then this book may be perfect for you but I found most of the relationship boring and unbelievable. 

The ending was particularly disappointing, there’s no feeling of anticipation of what happens next and no satisfactory resolution – just Oh, that happened. *shrug*

The cover is beautiful though.. 
** I received a free Kindle edition of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **

Book Review: Meditation for Daily Stress – 10 Practices for Immediate Wellbeing by Michel Pascal

Not my usual choice of reading matter but the ARC became available at a fortuitous time when I felt it might be helpful.

I’m a rather cynical person so some of the language used such as taking a deep breath to show respect for these words, written like a prayer started off sounding a little silly in my head. I was picturing a cross between Jean Reno’s character and the Yoga teacher from Couple’s Retreat!

However as I continued reading and giving the exercises a chance I did start to feel some benefit. I’ve been finding myself using several of the exercises recently to deal with things in my life – the visualizations are easy to do and have proven effective.

One tiny thing that did get irritating about the book is that although it’s supposed to be aimed at anyone, anywhere the vast majority of exercises were written as though aimed at people who work at a desk in an office.

In summary a helpful, clearly written and simple to do collection of visualization exercises.
** I received a free digital edition of this title from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **

Book Review: Mayan Civilization – a History From Beginning to End by Hourly History

My introduction to the Maya is a little different to most people’s as I learned of them while reading about the Native American tribes when my curiosity was piqued by playing a computer game called Colonization. 

I read some online articles at the time and learned a passing amount about many of the Native American tribes. That’s what reading this book feels like, finding out little amounts of information that don’t really satisfy. While it is a big improvement on the Celtic Mythology book in this series it’s still very dry and disjointed. There’s also a strangely meandering passage about present day Mayan descendants that just feels irrelevant while what I felt were more interesting aspects such as War, Spanish Conquistadors and Environmental damage caused by this ancient civilization were merely hinted at.

Progress Update

Admittedly I’ve set a lower target than I should, mostly due to my disastrous attempt last year, but I’m pretty happy with this considering how much time family takes at the moment.

I should probably raise the target though…
What are your average targets? Do you set realistic ones or find that you try for unobtainable results? Do you find the target inspirational or feel like it makes reading a chore that you have to do?