Book Review: Meditation for Daily Stress – 10 Practices for Immediate Wellbeing by Michel Pascal

Not my usual choice of reading matter but the ARC became available at a fortuitous time when I felt it might be helpful.

I’m a rather cynical person so some of the language used such as taking a deep breath to show respect for these words, written like a prayer started off sounding a little silly in my head. I was picturing a cross between Jean Reno’s character and the Yoga teacher from Couple’s Retreat!

However as I continued reading and giving the exercises a chance I did start to feel some benefit. I’ve been finding myself using several of the exercises recently to deal with things in my life – the visualizations are easy to do and have proven effective.

One tiny thing that did get irritating about the book is that although it’s supposed to be aimed at anyone, anywhere the vast majority of exercises were written as though aimed at people who work at a desk in an office.

In summary a helpful, clearly written and simple to do collection of visualization exercises.
** I received a free digital edition of this title from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **


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