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Book Review: The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

Huge thanks go to Redheaded Booklover for turning me on to this book.

Don’t let the comparison to The Walking Dead on the cover fool you, this is a pacy, well written book with the creepy factor turned way up

There was screaming , but there was more than that. There was a rustling sound, a sort of clicking and flicking . It sounded both lush and creepy. The bodyguard lumbered to his feet, but there were patches of black over his back, his arms, on his head. Henderson couldn’t figure out what the patches were, but then he realized they were moving, splitting and swarming, re-forming on the bodyguard’s body no matter how much he swatted and brushed at himself. And then Henderson felt his stomach go liquid again, because from where he stood in the woods, even with the foliage fracturing his view, it looked as if the bodyguard’s face was melting, the skin sloughing off to show flesh and muscle and then bone. The man was still standing, screaming, thrashing at the air, at his head, at his body, but the blackness only grew more solid.

In a nutshell the story is about how the world would cope if a long dormant species that predated on Humankind was resurrected. The answer, with few exceptions, is badly!

There are a ton of ‘Nature turns Nasty’ apocalyptic horrors out there but this one is a cut above most with well written scenes that conjure up images in your head better than anyone in Hollywood could dream up.

Today, however, when he tried looking out the window the light made him wince. It was like something pushing on his eyeballs. He could feel each beat of his heart like a hammer blow to his temple. Worse, he could feel something tickling inside his skull, a sneeze building up, and with this headache he knew that a sneeze was going to feel like the worst thing in the world.The pain in his head was suddenly enough to make black dots swim in his vision. He sneezed. He saw a fine spray of blood coat the wall. Snot dripped from his nose. It felt like something was skittering around in there, and when he wiped at it, he realized something was skittering out of his nose. He felt the hairy, hard leg and pulled it. Holy fucking shit. It was a spider.

The book also features a good complement of strong, female characters (including the President of the United States of America) and some other breaks from stereotypes such as a survivalist who’s also gay. Sometimes characters like this can feel like their put in to tick some boxes but in this case they work pretty well. I did however find the characters preoccupation with sex irritating at times, particularly in the case of Melanie.

This is the best horror book I’ve read in a while, I’m not scared of spiders but if I were I can imagine this being even better….either that or an incredibly tortuous read!

** I received a free Kindle edition of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **